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What Our Clients Say


As a Police Officer, you see first-hand who the best Attorneys are because you are in court with them often. You can see which attorneys are the best prepared, who presents themselves powerfully in Court, and generally, which attorneys get the best results for their clients. For many years, I had referred friends who needed help to Pete O’Mara, and they all loved him. Little did I know that one day I would need his services, but unfortunately, I was involved in a car crash, after which I needed his help because I was accused of DWI. Mr. O’Mara tried my DWI case for several days, and his preparation, presentation, and witness examinations were above and beyond anything I had ever seen. I was eventually found NOT GUILTY after trial and the entire harrowing event was put behind me. Mr. O’Mara restored my reputation and saved my career! We became so close through the process that I had him to my wedding afterwards and have been longtime friends since. I could not recommend his services more highly!!

Fred Mondi

Retired Sergeant - Oceanport PD

I have known Pete for many years of my former career in Law Enforcement and there wasn't one time he did not come fully prepared for court and ready to fight for his client. Highly recommend!!

Steven Coiffi

Retired Sergeant - Oceanport PD

Outstanding law firm. Pete seems to take every case personally. I highly suggest using him for any case you have. Money well spent. Thanks Pete, I hope I don't need you again.

Shawn Bailey

Holmdel PD

Mr. O'Mara, I have been doing this stuff going close to 30 years, mostly in the criminal courts, as a prosecutor, defense attorney, and a Judge. I've never seen anybody as prepared for a criminal case as I saw you prepared for this case. You knew it inside and out. You knew things some of the experts didn't seem to think that they knew as well as you did. You should go out of here with your head held high. You represented your client to the fullest. You did your profession proud. I only pray and wish for the rest of my time on the bench, that I have attorneys such as you appearing in front of me and doing the professional outstanding job you did. You're a credit to your profession.

Monmouth County Superior Court Judge

For those of you considering the O'Mara Law Firm, highly recommend this law firm, no I am not a client. I am a retired Police Officer with over 250 DWI arrests in my career. I have met many lawyers in my career and only a few have the experience and knowledge to represent a client. Pete O'Mara represents his client with their best interest, not his. He looks at each case like it is his first, there is no part of a case he does not go through. He always gets the best results.

William Colangelo

Retired Sergeant - Middletown PD

Very professional, very knowledgeable about the law. He works hard for his clients. His integrity in dealing with his clients and law enforcement is beyond question.

Steven Schmidt

Retired Sergeant - Sea Bright PD

Top-notch law firm, expertise is unparalleled... responsive, caring, professional, results oriented!

Eric Hoffman

Holmdel PD

I have known Pete O'Mara professionally and personally for over 25 years!! You will not find a more attentive, prepared, tenacious, qualified and diplomatic defense attorney anywhere! Pete maintains a very positive and well-respected working relationship with law enforcement, the courts, his clients and his fellow litigators. My family and friends have retained Pete for his services and were beyond satisfied and I am more than confident to recommend him to anyone who is in need of a true litigator. If I was ever in need of a criminal defense attorney, Pete would be my first call!

Mike Campanella

Red Bank PD

As a retired police lieutenant, Pete was in my courtroom too many times to count. Over time, we got to know and respect one another. No doubt the best DWI attorney that I ever knew. No doubt one of the best in the state. Honest, fair and just a great man.

Tony Gallo

Retired Sergeant - Aberdeen PD

Hands down the best Lawyer in New Jersey. Pete always was available to talk and was straightforward. He really knows his stuff. He helped me a lot and saved me a ton of money!!

Jerry Zagury

One of the best in NJ, goes above and beyond for clients in addition well respected by local and state courts. Keep up the Great work

Frank Taylor

BEST BEST BEST!! I can’t say enough about how wonderful Pete was. This past winter I had a civilian write me a ticket! even after the police decided they couldn't tell who was at fault and DIDN'T write me a ticket. Anyway, I had to go to court, and I was a wreck!! Pete was incredibly reassuring and patient with all my anxieties. He is a professional who knows what he’s doing, In my opinion. My cousin is a lawyer and knows him and suggested him because he said, "Pete's the best and he is!

Cathy Lamothe

Pete O'Mara is the absolute best in the business! Best in the area, one of the best in the country! He is a family man and understands the needs of one despite the infractions we can possibly all go through here and there when abiding the law; but we all must continue life one way or another. He will fight for your rights and dispute anything that may seem as unlawful. He will not go down without a fight and that's why I truly respect him and his business. Thank you to The O'Mara Law Firm for everything you have done!


Pete is the kind of lawyer and person the world needs more of. Outstanding in every sense of the word. I could not recommend him more highly.

Adam DeSipio

He is well respected within his field. Pete along with a few others have earned great respect in the law enforcement community.

Frank T Morey

I am a retired police officer. One of my very first DWI trials was against Peter. It was a good one and he stumped me a few times, even tried the old "slap the table with his hand." One I will never forget. Peter O'Mara shook my hand after and told me what a good job I did. Stand up character. Went against him many times and he was always professional. If you need an attorney for anything, Pete is your guy. Fortunate to have gotten to know him over the years.

Robert Harriott

I have known Attorney Peter O'Mara professionally (as a client) for 17 years. I have personally hired Peter on a couple of occasions with tremendous results and have recommended him to my own friends and business associates who have also had great outcomes after hiring him. Highly recommend this office for any of your traffic and criminal offenses across Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex counties.

Leonard Bratships

This guy is a beast in the court. An amazing attorney. I'm surprised he's not working out of Manhattan in a skyscraper named after him.

Doug Dug

The best criminal lawyer around! Extremely hard-working, professional, and successful. You can't go wrong with choosing the O'Mara Law Firm!

Tiana Taylor

Pete is not only professional, but he is intensely thorough. I have recommended everyone to him, as well as only using him for my own matters. He makes the process very understandable and leads you the entire time. He spends as much time as needed with you, so that you remain up to speed on each detail of your case. There is no lawyer that I have dealt with that fights each case as if it were his own personal family matter. His kind heart and firm stance makes a trying time in life a little easier.

Lea Christine Brantley

Pete is a first class stand up man that will fight for what is right. His values are second to none and professionalism can never be questioned. If you want an honest, caring, professional, fighter (I know odd when it comes to lawyers) then Pete and his firm are the ones for you.

Chris Capozzi

You are considered to be one of the best and your reputation precedes you.

Anita Brokken-Geary

The O'Mara Law Firm